I’m here…counting days before i left karawaci and go to bandung..!aaaaa!i can’t wait for it…!hanging out together with friends…looking for clothes you can say shopping….haha…that’s my favourite things to doo!

I miss my family…my friends.. my teacher..wogh…i can state it here one by one…I’m sure ya’ll miss me huh?hahaha…

This week is a struggling week for me…i need to study hard for my music exams…and it makes me a bit stressed and i really need refreshing…pray for me please guys…studying music isn’t easy…need effort and lot’s of patient to finished them all…>_<

But…I’m glad to be here…i can share my life to lot’s of people..telling people that i’ve 8 BF like you girls…(love u so much)Ya’ll already fulfill my needs….I’m sure that we will be like this until we’re getting married and having a family…

Time is run too fast…i even can’t imagine that I’m already study in college and having a new friends…but You girls…always be the best..!No one can change your position as my BEST FRIEND ….

Sometimes i feel lonely here…if i saw your picture guys….i always remember what silly things that we’ve been done for a year before we separate…happy moments that we have when we’re making year book…that’s the best moment ever!

huaaaa….i need you guys to be here….:-(

ya uda de…sedih ni….kangen ma kalian……MISS YA’LL BADLY…..:-(


pendekar S


Longing for December :)

Seems ive been writing the statement in every personal message that I have and every single status on facebook…hmmm..finally, THIS IS DECEMBER GALS!!! ❤

Since ive never written in this blog (haha..:D), id like to share my MIXTURE IMRPRESSIONS about this WHAT-THE-NEH place! :p

Im doing my exams for this 2 weeks, and ive done my two exams (Comms and Soci) and waiting for the last lasty paper held in 15 December, NEXT WEEK! hahhaaa… I’m sooooooo happy that ive passed my first sems without “tears”…hahaa…mentioning that Im really alone here, no parents, no you girls!..but lucky me, Dicky was here! hehe…<3

Talking about COMMS right (Communication 101 << the module that I took for this sems), it was A BIG JOKE!! Hey, lemme ask you, could you just finish 20 MCQs (Multipe Choices), 4 Key Studies (hmm…kayak analisa pertanyaan gitu..:p), and 1 essay with 600 words max in one half hours????… Erghh…and every questions were not easy though! But wish me the best for the tests GIRLS!!

Owhhh…i didnt realize since yesterday that Ive been staying here for about…..well, almost 5 months if im not wrong.. And yeah, this place is totally different to what i thought before , EVENTHOUGH…this is also considered as SOUTH-EAST ASIA…~~~~ Western influence really affect every youngster here; observing every place they hang out, the stuff belong to them, and their daily lifestyle! And yeah, it was a big SHOCK for me….

*hang on.. ill take my laundry first..:p

Alright… one of the most OVERWHELMING problems ive encountered here is adjusting the language they use.. For the conversation might not matter for me, but for the materials..*OMG!~~ i need to open my dictionary frequently to find out the meanings of some unfamiliar words… It was interesting, however…. :p The conversation with friends particularly, is quite challenging… They speak really fast and unclear! hahaha…you know la what SINGLISH is like! kkk… On the orientation day right, I totally didnt understand what they were talking about! Oh mann…~~~~ But after awhile (around 2 weeks..) Ive got used to it!

Im taking UB (University at Buffalo in New York) progamme in SIM and majoring in Communication… so it’s based on American curriculum which is not really different to what we’ve got in our secondary school! :p  The project, like presentation, making video, debate.. were so MUCH FUN! Did I tell you that for COMMS 101 right, we had to post blog EVERY WEEK! (yeah…kayak journalny kita di TT gituu..).. STRESSED OUT dah!! But over all, erghhh…. i miss those moments! :))

People say that, the most challenging programme in SIM is DE (Diploma in Economics) under UoL (University of London) programme >>> ya iyalah! imagine, you have to take only ONE exam EACH year, and the materialny ya yg diajarin satu tahun itu!!! <<<<

For UB programme, people say that it’s the BEST programme (and im sooo proud telling you this girls ❤ ), and it’s the second tough among others. Projects, quizes, mid-tests, assignments, and final exams are all counted! So, when we had the last day of Soci Class (which when we had SOCIOLOGY DAY! ❤ <<< wkt itu kita buat exhibition posters karya kita sendiri! >>>), we could say, “Ohhh..finally! Only EXAMSS!!! hahhaaa..” Tp ya sama ajaa!! STRESS!

uWHHH…pengen cepet2 plg!! hahahaa..there are still many chapters of MyStory in Singapore that Id  like to share with you!



Pendekar A << the only “A” letter

Aku mau tatoo..

PS : kalo misal written tatoo ny di kaki bagus ga ya?? 🙂