Bzzzzz….~~~~ School started!!

It’s been like 3weeks since the last holiday! And undenied reality is happening! Yeah, school started! Gyaaaaaa…back to project, back to quizes, and back to EXAM!!

But STOP!! No need to regret peeps! This is what students’ life is! YEAH!! 😀  In addition, this is the LAST YEAR of being a year we’re all already TWENTIES!! OMGoshy…time runs so fast! LET’S ENJOY OUR LAST TEENAGE LIFE!!!

With TONS of LOVE,

Pendekar A!! 🙂



im back girls,,, ups.. i was wrong when call all of you,, i shouldn’t call u as GIRLS.. but as SISTER, huh?
wel.. it’s a bit sad when i read all of ur story… i am proud to my God that He gave me such a friend like you… i cant find any others.. there’s no one like u.. trust me..
hey sandy, i love u and u’re my only bestfriend when i were in junior high school. until one day i found other friends which are most interesting to be tricked (x
i love to disturb someone when i have no idea what i am going to do when loneliness comes away…
martu, and cita, yumi, kaka, and even the ‘big ball’ across there, Belgium i meant… hahaha
i even miss her when im thinking what will she do when she comes back here… she must be very very MISSING US?? huh? am i right sis?

well, we have next plans to think about for our next meeting, we should make an album i guess.. some of us got talented in making lyric, music, and yumi can help us though, she can translate it to english?

anybody have an idea where yuke exactly?
i miss my lil’ friend^^ hehe

how bout the stupid one?
yeah u know who she is?ELLA
who else?