V-day….*share share!!

Hey gals!! ❤ Hmmm..it’s been a looooong time not opening facebook. Hehehe..is there anyone missing meeee?????????? :p

Owyeaa!! If u wanna text me, just text to my Indo number! >>>085640201313<<< I’ll just reply by Sing no, and u guys can reply back (back back again…:)) to Indo’s no! Okieee???

Well..hows ur V-days babes? Hmm… Hope it was a good good day for all of you.. It was quite pathetic for me, though! Another conflict should have turned up, and yaa…it was totally not like what I had expected before >> Flowers, romantic dinner, spending a night only with him<< It took almost a week to cure each one’s feeling and made everything back to normal. Furthermore, he did gimme a flower right before I went back here! Hahahahhaaa..it was prety surprising regarding as a guy, he is not a romantic person.. I’ll show you the pict..:) just click on it..

He's the best man for me dude!! ❤