SUMMER Breeze :)

HEEELLLOOOOWWWWHHHHHH kawan ku semuaaaa?????? How are y’all doing?? Yaaaaa i’s been like million times I cannot get contact from u all since I now rarely open my FB account.. But wel,l I opened my FB to upload my profile pict, the newest one, couple days ago and I saw everybody was alright and seemed u guys had a GREAT time! Glad to know that 🙂 The picture I uploaded was taken when I was studying Psychology for exam! Hahaha.. it’s quite OK.. And I’m going back  in this May, is there anyone going back also?? *Oh man, please please… is there anyone??? 😦

Fiuuh, this week is the last week for my second semester.. And next semester is SUMMER!! Everything is going aright, even much better, since I’m now able to cope with everything here. I can now get used to standing in front, giving presentation, not like last semester when I lost everything while presenting. And, yea.. dont know, I just feel this sems is easier than the last, it might because I don’t have Research Paper, which all my friend get in this sems. Hahhaa…however, next sems is my turn! And there’ll be an additional research paper conducted by another module! Alright, TWO research papers… 😦 *u can get through all of these, Ayumi!! YOHOOO!!!!

Oyea, another news! I’ve already applied as Student Ambassador for the Grand Opening Marina Bay Sands! 😀 And I’ll do the volunteering around June. Student Ambassador will be like an usher, guiding the people and giving them the direction since it’s a big place! Marina Bay Sands is like the newest tourist attraction in Singapore where it has the biggest hotel in Singapore, museum, theater, shopping mall, restaurant, casino, and all of them can be found in one area, in Marina Bay <<< one of area in Singapore! Liana knows this I think.. “It’s near the Singapore Flyer, babe!”  I’ll show one of the picture and also the LINK! 🙂

>>>>>>> <<<<<<<< ISN’T IT COOL??? 😀

Hey anyway, this week means “last week” is because this is an EXAM week! I’m writing this in 28th April, means tomorrow is my Statistic Exam.. Ok, I’ve studied all the chapters *honestly!; but dont feel like reviewing now! (PROCRASTINATE). So, thats why I’m thinking to just write something here!:)

Dicky came here around March, and we went to SENTOSA!! Hahaha.. it was sooooooo MUCH FUN and Dicky took some cool pictures of me. Check it out! 🙂

Hahahhaa..yeah, Dicky didn’t realy turn up in our pictures because he was holding the camera! 🙂 But…there are quite few of them with him inside! And, he cannot deny that he loves taking pictures of me! *isn’t it Bun??? Jawab iyaa! hahhaa… I LOVE HIM SOOOOO MUCH!! And pictures below taken in the hotel he stayed for awhile here, I picked him up that day to eat SUBWAY together!! 🙂

Recently, there’s one song I really like, titled Use Somebody, by Kings of Leon. But at first, I knew this song because I watched Paramore singing the cover in YouTube! I LOVE PARAMORE!! And this song as well! 🙂 So, I’d like to share it with you, guys!

ALRIGHT!! I need to go back studying now! REALLY NEED! 🙂

See ya’all guys!!


-Pendekar A- the only A


Me and my lovely BOY^^

hey girlss… kayaknya kalian pada lupa buat bukaaa blog ini de.. T^T
apaaa tlalu sbuk?? sempet2in yya^^
coz i got so many storiesss ^^
kmrn2 ak ada masalaaahh berat lhaa..
sampe ak nangis.. cant cry without your sholder, guys^^
aku kepengen nya kalian di sini..huhuhuhu
aku cerita2 jadi lebih puas.. but it’s oK..
disini temen2ku baik2 smuaaa^^
malah saking baiknya, mreka ad yg kena masalah demi dukung aku.. (kmrn ad sedikit konflik sama kaka kelas gitu)
but BY HIS GRACE only, i can past through those terrible TIMES…

and guys! ak udh 3 bulaaan jadiaaan ama BUDI^^
jaddii yaaa KUTUK yang bilang aku ga akan pernah jadian lebih dr 3 bulan sudah kita musnahin bareng2

ak sayang buddii udh melampaui sayangkuu ke yg dulu koggg guys^^
now i can enjoy my lfe coz with him IM VERY HAPPY^^

buat kalian yg ad trouble soal hubungan kaliaaan
aku punya tips :
1. berdoaaa sama TUhan tapi jgn pernah memaksa, tapi tanya sama DIA. apa yg terbaik… HE could give u more than what u were asking for^^
2. SIBUKKAN DIRI lhaaa! ternyataaa kalo gga pacaran banyak hal yg bisa dilakukan.. tentunyy yg possitiveeee
3. AMAL!!!

buat kalian yg udh pny pacar (same like me)
ayo kita langgeng2 ama pacar2 kitaaa yya^^

MISS u guys!!