at last (¬_¬)


at last I enter the correct password. i’ve failed until 8 or maybe 9 times. hahaha. it happens not only this time but also last time before. yes! here i am! the only ‘ pendekar “R” ‘ it’s my first post after one year we made this blog. One sentence I want to tell all of you if i could scream from here “I TRUELY, DEEPLY, AND OFFICIALLY MISS ALL OF YOU! if i look again our photo @ Bali, i remember all of our memories that brings joy, sadness, or maybe both of them happened in the same time. i miss your voice, i miss your hug, i miss your laugh, i miss your expression, i miss the moment when the problem comes and how we solved it together. it makes me cry. <<– i hope none of my housemate think that I’m crazy. (╯_╰)

many things, many stories, many love, many changes is happened to me. when the first night I sleep here, without my mother, it seems, “it’s okay, I’m a big girl now” but after christmas, when I meet all of you, and I come back here, I feel alone, I think I cry almost every night after Christmas. (✖╭╮✖) I think I can’t do this alone. moreover, that “problems” come. maybe some of you, I’ve told about him –>> of course you know who is he (don’t you?) yeah, that makes me feel uncomfortable here. but, forget about him, let’s come back to the topic of this story.

Yeah, I’ve close friends here. at campus and at church. But, none of them can replace all of you in my heart. I just want to stop the time and return it back when we sleep in Bandungan. What a nice trip. Hope we can do it again, but this time to Bali or Singapore maybe (we sleep in ayumi’s house) hahaha. –> *talk about singapore, Yum, maybe this december i can’t meet you. but next time i will meet you, because this is my first time and my family time. 😦 i’ve talk to my mom, and she said that next time, i go there alone or with some friends to meet you. okay? ^^*

oh yaa. i want to share a picture. i want to tell a story about my friends here.

here is my friends at church,

the long-haired girl with white shirt, top-left. her name is Cella. She is 21 years old. 2 years older than us. She is a nice sister for me. when I’m not in a good mood, she give me advices to surrender this life to Jesus. 

next after Cella, her name is Irma. She is very mature. She listen all of my story and give positive comments to wake me up.

next after me, his name is Alva. (he is cute, isn’t it? hahaha :D) he’s from Manado, sometimes I told him my story, for me, he gives me nice inputs from male. not all female. haha.

there’s two more, their name is Dee Dee and Silvy, they captured this photo.haha .they also kind person.

the other, they complete my “cinderella life’s” here. hahaha. maybe without them, I feel so lonely here. 😛 Thank you LORD, HE gave me them :))

and here is my close friend at campus :

from left to right :

up : Miss Rosita (My academic guidance lecture, she is so smart in accounting, especially when she make the exam and makes me so dizzy. She is so funny and funky. haha.),

and then the green one is Ivone from Padang (she is so talk-active. She seems similar with Stephi ^^)

next to her is Indri, from Bogor (the one who sells pulse. haha. I think Indri is from Bar-Barian. haha. be careful if she brings your car. 140 km/hour, can’t you imagine? almost everyday i go back with her and if i safe today it’s only a miracle from GOD. hahaha. kidding),

the green downside is Franciss (she is from Kartur. yeah, if i talk about semarang, the only person whose has a “connect mind” only her. hahaha. She’s smart and so cute (^.^) her IP is 4.00),

the pink one is Fifi, from Medan (not only clever, she never paid the academic fee, due to her smart brain. her senior high school is in Singapore -catholic junior college- *have you heard it, yum?* her IP also 4.00. she’s so similar with Yuke),

next, the arabian face named Citra. (she is a kind, funny, friendly, humble girl. hehe. i learn so much from her. she is an Oriflame teams, only for few months, now she is Senior Director at Oriflame and her salaries is so WOW. haha. ahe seems like Liana),

the black one under Citra named Sartika (She ever join the olympiade  of accounting. Sartika is the person who always sit besides me and she never say “no” to teach me. hehe. but she is so “cruel” haha),  next to citra is Ica (the person who never ever tired tell me not to think about “him” again. 😀 seems like Cieta ),

and the blue one is Dessy. (She is smart but also mature. 🙂 she’s just like Ayumi. hehehe)

oh ya 2 again!

named Inke and Angel, two of my new best friends. because in Semester 1, we are not in one class 🙂

they remembered me about you, guys!!

Friends, I will never ever open the “exit” door for all of you. I know, maybe you are too busy with many activities there, so you can’t have a time for me. or maybe, I do that. When I have so many activities, I can’t have time for you all. I’m so sorry. ToT 

i miss you all!! hope gonna see you soon!!! i really really miss youuuuuu!!!!!!!!

The Pendekars

made with love,

pendekar “R”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yuke
    Jul 10, 2010 @ 15:24:38

    hai sandy cita ajumi liana stephy martu ella yuke (diriku) ryska
    maaf ya klo slama ini klo aq ketemu xan ada yang tdk berkenan di hati..
    mmg beginilah aq..ha5 harap dipahami ya.. n.n

    tulis crita ya?
    1. kuliah : menyenangkan, pusink, lembur dsb.. he5
    2. kehidupan : menyenangkan..
    3. status : menikmati hidup (j***blo)

    bye..see you.. 😀


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