Random stuff to put in! :D

You guys!!!

Don’t you know this blog is dying because no one has posted anything? Hahahhahaa…. okay, nevermind… since we have tons of things to do and get busier as approaching the end of term, but anyway… it’s NOVEMBER again!! 😀 yuhuuuu!!

HOW’S EVERYTHING GOIN’ ??? Is everyone DOING OKAY?? I, seriously, have only one time in a year to meet the complete personal of SCALSMEYR, which only happens in December. And I’m always waiting for that moment to come… Enthusiastically, today is already the third day of November, which I only have one more month to go! Can’t wait! Really, I mean it!

Yeap, as you know… this year is kinda sound like the most tragic year I’ve ever got in my life. Well, seriously, when I keep denying myself that I’m okay… actually, I am not. I’m trying to redeem myself by keeping busy with all my stuff and activities, and trying not to be in an absent-minded condition where I can have higher possibilities to be out somewhere, ….but still, at night, when I’m alone, I have a glass of tears wastingly to be poured. I hate it, really do… 😦

But I have no choice, that’s the only way I can take to get through this so called “problem” ( I cannot think of any other term that can make “problem” sound worse). But yeaaaa… I’m still trying to get through this “problem”, and have almost been in the outer line of the blackhole… Hopefully, I can manage it well.. like, soon… 🙂

And this semester, I don’t have much things to do… haha… ya, seriously. The two project that I expected to be the worst nightmare ever in my UB life, turned to be something not really a nightmare.. Thanks GOD… The 12-paged-term project, which I get it two together from the same teachers, but from different modules, because he’s teaching two modules for this semester, which unfortunately I’m in his both classes, was really killing me. But yesterday, he said that the expectation of these projects should be in around 5-6 pages…. which is totally different to what we’ve been expecting before… hahaha!! I LOVE HIM!!

As you know, this teacher, Kurt Bruder, is a UB Professor, yea… he’s from the real University at Buffalo, the State of New York. He’s an artist, a communication scholar teacher, a psychotherapist, and a spiritual practitioner. DAMN COOL right!! hahahhaha… He’s the best teacher ever!! Has been teaching for along time, very knowledgeable and a good person to be admired with! 🙂 And you need to know that he has dreadlocks (rambut gimbal), tattoo, and wears earrings. COOL STUFF! 😀

Curious? You can check this following link, his own website… And yea, he’s a Hindi 🙂 and has a Hindi name I think, I’m not sure, KAILASH.       >>>>>> http://omkailash.com/about.html <<<<< [check this out!] He also makes friends with some well-known scholars mentioned in our textbooks, which really makes me more “WOW” to him…

Okay, enough about me… LOL

Looking forward to your posts, babes!


Tons love,

Pendekar A << the only “A”


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