its good to memorize it :’)

im here. with the laptop in front of me and im keeping typing and smiling.

guess why i am smiling 🙂 ? im thinking about my friend , especially you all ❤ my precious gift that comes from heaven :’)

how are u all 🙂

well.. im not gonna share any problems or any sadness.. in fact im gonna write my journey with my X here 🙂

im dating with a good guy, he is acting cool and im totally not interested with him, yet. that time. sigh

hahahaha next….

Part 1

i added him as my friend on FACEBOOK (im really thankful that God give a really jenius bRAIN to the founder of Facebook, umm i forget that guy name, Mark Zubeiger? hahaha, forget it, we continue to the next chapter

after a long time, i have receive no contact from him. but he chatted me oneday and we chit-chat but no serious talking that time., he ask me my msn email, and i give it 🙂

so after that we share our stories there

i still have no feeling for him (seriously)

Nearly to September. its his BIRTHDAY 🙂 i guess im gonna be the one that greet him on FACEBOOK mesagge. im not gonna write him a birthday greetings on the wall.

Part 2.

He asked me to go to the project from the university that he own that time, it’s called Lao Ban., he and his friends sell a Steak Sate,. i cants say it tasty but i think its delicious 🙂

because i like him already 🙂 i like the way he smile., and he is so handsome and i tell to my self everyday that he is not gonna love me 🙂 and i stop about thinking that, im not ready for loving someone else i thought.

Part 3

and somehow, he knows my phone number already 🙂 i dont know why im so happy when he asked my phone number. im keeping telling my self that is only a alibi 😛 he ask my phonenumber so he could ask me to always buy his Steak-Sate 😛

he even saw my face when i just WAKEUP! 🙂 hahaha i helped him with cutting something, so he went to my kos at 6.30 am to give me that cutting-work

so after that, the project was closed and he keep calling me 🙂 i love it altough i always hide my feeling 🙂

Part 4

we went to bioskop also! we watched a movie 🙂 but it is a bad movie, so we’ve been talking and sharing because both of us arent interested with the movie 😛

at night, he told me that he looking after me as his sister 🙂 ive accepted this one 🙂 i have one more brother? 🙂

Part 5

because he is nobody, and only my bestfriend. i think i have to make a distance with him. i have no contact anymore. but he sent me a message, it said that he missed me a LOT 🙂 and want have some walk anytime… 🙂 ive been so confused.. im so afraid… so afraid to have a feeling toward him… but i know he cant love me here.. im only his only sister 🙂

Part 6

so happy to be closed with him, end of 2009 is a gift also from God. i’ve got a signal that he loves me., he really do :’) he can save me from any problem, the way he make me calm. the way he make me realized that being perfectionist is the only way to make any condition worst. he keep telling me that being the best is the way i have to do, and give the rest to God 🙂 im still learning to do it 🙂 i always remember this part 🙂 thanks, koko :’)

part 7

i went to Semarang for december 🙂 but he teased me so well, he gave me a SPONGEBOB doll. its so good and im so thankful… 🙂 really., he doesnt need to gove a diamond and others thing that can make any girls eye shining 🙂 i only want him to be beside me always. i know that is only thing i mattered 🙂
Part 8

he told me to come to Surabaya earlier. i dont know why 🙂 i have no feeling that he is gonna make me as his girlfriend :)this feeling im feeling is something that ive never known.. but really, i just want to meet him as soon as possible

Part 9

17.01.10 🙂 its been a good day, and im still can accept that 🙂 i just cant stop with saying THANKS GOD! THANK GOD 🙂 uve been so good and so kind to me 🙂 u can make me smile as before again! 🙂

Part 10

so this is the end of my story 🙂

im gonna write others story after this

one sentences i can say that im so THANKFUL that i ever come to his life 🙂 and i would love to take him in my prayer everynight

i love him and although we are separated now, i know that true love never ends. he isnt my true love 🙂

but knowing that he is happy with his life now, knowing that he is OKAY and still can smile 🙂 im not gonna hate him 🙂

ill always praying for him