fisrt of all i wanna great my friend! a birthday wish! 😀 actualy *wishes

. i got so many wishes that i wanna pray to dear God so He will give those for you 😀

1. keep praying

2. keep growing!

3.keep eating! so u can turn to be e HEALTHY BIG BABY 😀

4.keep searching! hey u turn to 20 and its time for you to choose the best one 😀 hahaha

5. keep humble 🙂 now ure 20, come to the new and real wild-life ever 🙂

above all of them, keep in touch with God every things that turns for the whole of your 20 years life. its all because of Him, and there are so many steps still you should take in after it 🙂

ryska! im so glad to find you and so glad to be ur one of Best rating friend 😛 im so glad! aha! and i wanna tell you that im seriously missing all of PENDEKARS here 🙂


here i am 🙂 i may not always there for listening all of ur problem and love story there guys

i may not always know about your daily life , what happens with you nowadays,

and maybe im a kind of careless one in saying :”hi”. maybe im not as good as that.

😀 but for sure. i love you  🙂